Brand Guidelines


  • Whenever you display information from the API, you'll need to display our logo in a manner that is clear to the user that the information is provided by View.
  • You always need to display our average star rating graphics and the number of user reviews on which they're based.
  • Think of creative and innovative ways of using our data, this is the spirit in which we have released this API.


  • Don't alter our logo, graphics or any other data from the API.
  • Don't just recreate the functionality of our own website or mobile app.
  • Don't store any information from the API, however ID's may be stored for data matching purposes.
  • Don't make batch calls to the API, API calls should only be generated at the point of user invocation.
  • Don't pick and choose the reviews you display, all review content from the API needs to be displayed.
  • Don't "nofollow" your links to View. Any link back to View needs to be bot crawlable.

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